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This proves it.

5 things I reused. No, don’t be dirty.

Hey there, it’s me. You know the guy in all the videos. No the other guy. Wrong videos. Yeah him, that’s me.

I have been wrapping my brain around what I could do with the site lately, because to me it’s been feeling pretty bare. And I don’t like the thought of it being just another shell in which you can watch videos. I like to have something a little more. But luckily my mind finally struck an idea and that’s rare, so rejoice!

I have written a new little article that discusses some of the objects or props I have reused in my videos. If you’re interested, then click here, or go to the ‘Articles’ tab and read some other stuff. The Over-Analyzing segments are my favorite.

Other than that, there isn’t much to talk about. If you haven’t already, watch my new video, “Making a Movie“. Lame title? Maybe. If you like it please share it around. (The video; not the title.) I love to hear feedback. I also have some other video plans around the corner, but it will probably be a couple weeks before that comes to fruition. (Wow that’s a weird word: Fruition. Looks like it’s pronounced Fruit-Shun. Stop shunning fruit people.)

Well, I think I’ve made this post long and confusing enough. Anyways, like I said, please check out the article if it fits your fancy and return here in a couple weeks or so to see about a new video.

Thanks so much.

I tried to film this fast.

Not sure if I made the deadline, but here’s a new video:

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Sneaking Out

It’s not easy.

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-Adequate entertainment achieved